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there are many wine glasses on display in the glass case at the store that sells them
Valentine’s Day decor gift outfit wine mocktail drink glass healthy new year heart love aesthetic
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heart shaped pizzas on a wooden cutting board with candles and flowers in the background
a cake with writing on it sitting next to bowls of fruit and a bottle of wine
Valentine’s Day/boys suck/galentines day
Boys suck cake, valentines day aesthetic, galentines aesthetic
two martinis with strawberries in them on a white counter top, one is filled with liquid and the other has heart shaped strawberries
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three glasses filled with pink liquid and red lips on the bottom one is holding a wine glass
lipstick galentines cocktail 💋
This looks to be a pink squirrel cocktail using a lipstick stencil and red cocktail sugar. If a pink squirrel isn’t strong enough/too sweet (bc it’s a sweet dessert drink lighter on the alc) I linked a strawberries & cream cocktail recipe. It’s not as bright pink so it might be pretty & yummy to do a hybrid of the two cocktails to your liking 😋 #galentines #valentinesday#cocktails #pinksquirrel #strawberriesandcream
the best valentine's day gifts for her and him are on display in this poster
Girls' Night In: 27 Must-Watch 2000s Chick Flicks to Laugh, Cry, and Bond on Galentine's Day
Get ready for the ultimate Galentine's Day celebration with the 27 best 2000s chick flicks! Grab your besties, some cozy blankets and your favorite snacks for a girls' night in this Valentine. From iconic rom-coms to heartwarming dramas, this chick flick movies list from the 2000s has it all. Whether you're into girly movies with an aesthetic vibe or classic rom-coms, this must-watch list has you covered. So, let's dive into this girly movies marathon and make this Galentine's Day unforgettable!