a person's hand is shown on top of a piece of cloth
Making a landsknecht SCA fighting shirt
Making a landsknecht SCA fighting shirt – Contzel
Boho, Fashion, Outfits, Feminine, Casual, Girl Pattern, Women, Bal
the back of a woman's shirt with crochet on it and buttons
Arts & Science back smock jacket / color: natural __ thanks to Pinners @kirsijóna and @Nesting Emily for their prior pin with the black version
an old pair of jeans has been stitched together
Rosalie's Medieval Woman - Buttonhole Tutorial
the size and measurements of an unisex women's top, with measurements for each
Maailman paras mekko
a white dress laying on top of a wooden floor
Särk - The Historical Sew Fortnightly
an image of a diagram showing how to measure the length of a dress with measurements
Viking dress – pattern and instruction
Historical Dresses, Medieval Dress Peasant, Medieval Dress Pattern, Peasant Dress, Medieval Dress Warriors
Pre-Raphaelite Medieval-ish Dress
Sewing Dresses, Diy Dress, Simple Medieval Dress
Tutorial; the simple medieval & viking dress