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a wooden bookcase with glass doors on the front and bottom shelves, against a gray wall
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an open drawer in a kitchen filled with dishes
Dark Grey Individual Solid Base Drawer -Wire Baskets
2022 Ny Uppgradering Sladdarrangör För Köksmaskiner
"Alltid en massa röriga nätsladdar hemma?Finns det en säkerhetsrisk? Är köket inte tillräckligt snyggt? "Dessa enkla sladdomslag är bara svaret" Få din nu
a room with white walls and wooden floors
Slat Wall Electrical Panel Cover
There are two choices when faced with an eyesore that is NOT part of the decor plan.1. Hide it so it just blends in and you forget about it.2. Turn it into a statement feature.In order to deal with the electrical panel in our basement family room, we opted for a little of both! The starting point. An electrical panel on the main focal wall of the family room. Nice. Every girl's dream. But, it's a basement! The panel has to live somewhere and I am quite fond of having electricity so b…