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Keith Richards by Anton Corbijn Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, Ian Curtis, Music Photographer, Jeff Buckley, Nick Cave, Joy Division, Famous Photographers, Celebrity Portraits
Anton Corbijn | Keith Smoking, 1999 | MutualArt
Keith Richards by Anton Corbijn
a man with long hair and no shirt on
Guy Webster Photography
Jack Nicholson
a black and white photo of a man
Anton Corbijn: Capturing the Mood of the Music (Published 2015)
Anton Corbijn (1955) - Dutch photographer (also music video and film director). Photo © Stephan Vanfleteren
a black and white photo of an old man's face with the caption
I really like the lighting used in this image. Its also only showing his face which means the photography really wanted the viewer to concentrate on the subjects expression.
a woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes looking up at the sky in black background
Just smile :)
I want this pose for a portrait. Love the black background
three different images of a woman in the water
Get On The Dance-Flour!
I love this series. The style of dance isn't exactly what I was looking for but her movements and the movement of the flour is. I would use color for the flour instead to liven it up and make it more festive for a music festival.
a close up of a person with blue eyes
Jude Law by Annie Leibovitz low key spotlight portrait
a man with long hair and beard wearing a black shirt is looking at the camera
12 Photography Basics for Portrait Photography: 40 Examples
Black and white portrait triangular balance
a black and white photo of a woman with her hair blowing in the wind
Joni Mitchell by Anton Corbijn #AntonCorbijn #photography
an old man is holding a guitar in his hands and looking at the camera with one hand
Platon's Portraits | PBS NewsHour | Jan. 5, 2011
a black and white photo of a man with curly hair wearing a suit holding a hammer
Bob Dylan, photo by Annie Leibovitz