Mindpark Lund

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there is a bike parked in front of the building
Mindpark Lund exterior
an old brick building with green doors and windows on the outside, against a blue sky
Mindpark Lund coworking tower
an aerial view of buildings and bicycles in the courtyard
Mindpark Lund entreprenörsgränden
Courtyard in central Lund where Mindpark i located
a blackboard with white writing on it that says mind parr lund and two hands holding a sign
Mindpark Lund Coworkers sign
an ice rink with toys on it in front of a glass wall and a plant
Hockey game coworking space
an empty conference room with orange chairs and a flat screen tv mounted to the wall
Warm conference room Mindpark
One of our meeting rooms at Mindpark in Lund!
two chairs and a table in an office setting with green walls, carpeted flooring and sliding glass doors
Mindpark Lund "Lets Talk" room
One of the smaller rooms for talks and meeting in the coworking space Mindpark in Lund
an office meeting room with orange chairs and a white board
Mindpark Lund
Pictures from the coworking space Mindpark in Lund