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the character samus aran from metroid is depicted in this pixel art style
Drawsgood Illustration
Pixel Samus Aran
a man in armor standing on top of a hill
Sugoi - En blogg dedikerad till spelkonst | Sida 3
samus aran
an advertisement for the company's new product, space protecter with a green wallpaper pattern
Wifi Blocking Wallpaper — No Longer Can The Neighbours Freeload Off Your Wireless!
8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt
An interactive t-shirt with a life bar of hearts. When you and your special someone are apart, the hearts are partially lit. When you are together, the full bar is illuminated. Isn’t geek love sweet?
a woman in a futuristic suit standing with her hands on her hips
A barrage of epic, awesome concept art by Andy Park for Marvel's The Avengers
Check out this concept art of Maria Hill by Andy Park for Marvel's The Avengers!
the dark knight rises movie poster with batman's face painted in black and white
Batman by oliversketches
a star wars lego figure surrounded by other metal parts and objects on a white surface
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Pewter Metal Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Minifig by DonaldJames77