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a woman walking down a long hallway between two buildings with plants growing on the sides
Trees envelop Stepping Park House by Vo Trong Nghia Architects
a living room filled with furniture and lots of plants on top of it's shelves
Plantering i betongen
a living room filled with furniture next to a tall glass window above a wooden floor
obata noblin office envisions its cascade house to overlook the forested san juan islands
a kitchen with green walls and wooden cabinets, white counter tops and an open skylight
My Modern House: Connie Barton at her Victorian cottage in south London
the house is made out of wood and has white shingles on the roof, along with brick walkways
Village-Inspired Homes
an entry way to a house with stairs leading up to the door and plants growing on the side
Open House Giovana Giosa - 1ª Parte - Casa de Valentina
an empty kitchen with wooden cabinets and windows
a small house in the woods surrounded by trees
Ravine Guest House and Reflecting Pool - Hidden Architecture
the entrance to an apartment building with plants growing on it's roof and windows
Gallery of V House / AD9 Architects - 6
a large cactus sitting on the side of a building
andrés gallardo captures the bold hues of ricardo bofill's 'la muralla roja' in spain