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an old typewriter with the words written in spanish on it's front page
a person's hand holding a blue and white butterfly in the dark with their fingers
a painting of a man and woman holding red heart shaped balloons in the rain with hearts floating from them
a man looking at an airplane in the sky with a caption that reads mario benedetti
a person holding a book in their hand with the words un dia fu mas tuya que mai yt no suppsite que hacer con tanto
a woman laying on top of a lush green field filled with pink water lilies
the poem is written in spanish and english
an open book with writing in spanish and english on the page, which appears to have been altered
graffiti written on the side of a building with writing in spanish and english, which reads too do we love toca el alma, se queda pa siembre
an open book with the words in spanish and english on it's cover page
an open book with a quote written in spanish on the front and back pages below
an image of a quote from the famous movie,'la pelosa de los angeles
Vínculo para mí... Porque para ti no hay vínculo conmigo. Te doy igual y soy inexistente. Y para lo q sí me ves, lo puedes conseguir en cualquier esquina y más q te lo dé tu favorita, tu chica especial (o las varias q tienes!)