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the back cover of a book with spanish text
Disculpame porque nunca me valore!
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a woman in a red dress standing on top of a cliff with butterflies flying above her
frases motivadoras
a woman holding a bird cage with birds flying in the sky above her and an image of
a man walking down a road in the rain
the words are written in spanish and english
a quote written in spanish on white paper
a foggy field with a fence and trees in the foreground on a fall day
#valor #fracaso #triunfo #exito
an image of the text in spanish on a black background
a black and white photo with the words in spanish written on it's side
the words in spanish are written on an old parchment paper, and there is no image to
a poem written in spanish with the words'la persona de las angeless '
an image of a quote from the spanish language on parchment paper that says,'y'estamos todos en edad de tir por la borda los
a white wall with words written in spanish on it and people walking down the street