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the make trouble worksheet is shown with instructions for how to use it in this project
Make Trouble (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)
the compound or resolve conflict worksheet is shown in this image,
Character Conflict - How to Create, Compound & Resolve Conflict
the printable start a fight game is shown
Fighting (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)
a printable wedding seating chart with the words, do these have any other names on it?
Book Title Worksheet
the set - the - scene game is shown with instructions for each player to use
How to Develop the Setting of a Story [WORKSHEET]
the perfect villain game is shown in black and white, with text that reads what do they
Villains Worksheet - How to Craft a Perfect Villain
an image of what next? with the text on it and two images in blue
What Next? (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)
the end poster is shown in black and white
The Ending (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)
the plot twist game is shown in black and white, with two lines on each side
Plot Twist Worksheet
the point of view worksheet is shown in blue and white, with text below it
the character reference sheet for shakespeare's play, which is written in english and spanish
free printables to help you round out your characters - Crystal MM Burton
the screen writing worksheet is shown in black and white, with text on it
Write a Scene (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)
the character reference sheet is shown in this document, which contains information about characters and their roles
Character Reference Sheets - Fantasy and Magic
the character profile sheet is shown in black and white
Character Profile
a poster with the names and numbers of different types of items in red, white and pink
The Writer's Handbook
an open book with words on it and some question marks in the bottom right corner
the character checklist is shown in purple and white, with black text on it
a poster with the words, ways for your characters to realize they're in love
10+ Hilariously Awkward Moments Which Take ‘Awkward’ To A New Level – DEFUSED
a poem that has been written to someone
an open book with some text on it and two question marks in the bottom right corner
3 Ways to Create Character Flaws
a screenshot of someone's text message about deepen sentences and how to use them
Gross Things People Were Caught Doing On Public Transport – DEFUSED
a poem with the words you don't have to say i love you on it