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a text message on the screen with an image of jesus
30 People Hold Nothing Back And Share Their Most Unpopular Opinions In This Group
a flyer with the words, solo date with jesus and an image of clouds in the sky
30 Times People Said Something So Wild, Passersby Had To Share It Online (New Pics) in 2024 | Bible study notes, Christian bible quotes, Learn the bible
the text on this page reads, everyday short prayers
the text is written in different languages and it appears to be an old fashioned message
a cell phone with the message'i need to know what you are going for
a poem written in black and white with the words, becoming a better person prayer
He loves you. So your new life should be like this. Show mercy to others. Be kind, humble, gentle, and patient. - Colossians 3:12.
a close up of a book with a green marker on it's page that says, be very careful about what you think
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