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two lights that are next to each other on a black wall and one is white
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Необычный светильник. Ручная работа. Керамика
a light that is hanging from the ceiling with a long tube attached to it's side
Lukas Peet's Ultra-Simple Rudi Pendant Lamp - Core77
a blue and white light hanging from a ceiling fixture in the shape of a bird's wing
Titania pendant light - 110 - 125V (for use in the U.S., Canada etc.)
Product description: The Titania pendant light has been designed by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto for LucePlan. The elliptical structure of its outer casing, composed of blades, serves simultaneously as a non-dazzle screen, a reflector of the central light source and a heat dissipater. Five pairs of polycarbonate interchangeable filters determine the varying colours of its lamellar body. In fact, Titania can be colo, aluminumred as desired, by a simple movement of the hand to slot the differen
two circular lights hanging from the ceiling in a room with white walls and flooring
Week of March 19, 2018 - Sight Unseen
15% OFF- Meteors Crystal Chandelier Lighting
three different views of a chandelier with mirrors hanging from it's sides
Exceptional Do-It-Yourself Pendant Light Designs For Your Next Project
a chandelier with circular lights hanging from it's sides in a room : Déco Led Noel
a black and white light hanging from a ceiling
Cinq nouveaux luminaires minimalistes design
three circular lights hanging from the ceiling
Lee Broom - GOODMOODS nourrit les humeurs créatives !
two circular lights hanging from the ceiling in a room with concrete walls and flooring
Light by Haberdashery
a man sitting on the floor in front of some lights hanging from it's ceiling
30.95€ 30% de réduction|Lampe Suspendue En Verre Au Design Scandinave Brokis Knot, Design Nordique, Luminaire Décoratif D'intérieur, Idéal Pour Une Table De Chevet, Ac 85/265v - Lampes À Suspension - AliExpress