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two white and blue vases sitting next to each other, one with a flower in it
The Granite Bottle Vase in Beach Blanket
Bottle Vase in Beach Blanket
a pink background with green cactuses on it and a purple ball in the foreground
Celebrate the Summer Solstice + Free Downloadable Wallpapers
Wallpaper cactos animação . pattern . padrão . Cactos
an animal themed bus with lots of animals on it's side and the number eight
Chris Garbutt (giggle) currently lives in Los Angeles, working as an illustrator, with more than a foot in the animation industry enjoying various roles from writing, directing and art directing, to storyboarding and character design; projects include Robotboy, Mr Bean and Gorillaz.
two different patterns with trees and animals on them, one in green and the other in yellow
surface pattern designer and illustrator
wendy kendall designs – freelance surface pattern designer » harvestwood
an image of dinosaurs and palm trees on a pink background in a white frame
Personal | Natasha Durley
Dino's by Natasha Durley
a man standing in front of a wall covered in animal prints
sources: asos.fr, artsy.net, b.laso.jp, amazon.com, patternbase.tumblr.com, bulagomillan.com.ar, inspirationbycolor.com
toucans and leaves on a pink background
Blog | Micush | Micush – Art & Illustration
zebras in purple and white on a light pink background seamless wallpaper pattern
May Designs
zebra print