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a sheet of paper with pictures and words on it
a colorful printable version of the vgoknott sittor game
Väggkort: Siffror/Tal 0-10
Väggkort: Siffror/Tal 0-10 – Skolmagi.nu
four seasons cards with different pictures and words on them, including snowman, tree, bird
Pour Tableau Journalier 9C8
an image of a monster with big eyes and mouth wide open, surrounded by geometric shapes
Sagan om Form-Monstret
a paper doll made to look like a child's drawing on a white board
an interactive math game for kids to learn how to solve the missing numbers and color them
the printable worksheet for learning how to make shapes with colored circles and squares
a printable worksheet with numbers and circles
10 Frame Flip Board
Making this 10 Frame Flip Board is definitely worth your time because you will use it for years! This learning toy teaches children counting, addition and subtraction! And you can use it with your children every year to introduce these math concepts progressively. . 👉🏻 Recommended for ages 2 to 6yo 👉🏻 For 2 to 4yo, let them do counting from 1 to 10. For 5 to 6yo, try simple addition and subtraction within 10 problems.
a table topped with lots of dices and numbers
Number Logic Activity
Montessori Kindergarten