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four different types of leaves are shown in the picture, and each has an individual leaf
four different pictures with birds in them and the words gulspary, grogas, koltrast
Fågelmemory – Emma
a sign with an image of two antelopes on it that says 6 placka like manga pinar som mynan ha ben
Matematisk tipspromenad för barn
the four different types of leaves and their names are shown in this worksheet
Mariaslekrum - Uppdragskort
four different types of trees and leaves are shown in this worksheet for children
an english language poster with different words and pictures on the front, including leaves, pine cones
Uppdragskort utematte
worksheet for beginning and ending sounds with pictures to help kids learn how to read
montessorimaterial - Färglägg sommar och höst blad
an animal's footprints are shown in this black and white poster, with the words du
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