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an open wooden door on the side of a building with concrete floors and white walls
Gallery of Restoration of the “Casino di Bersaglio” / weber+winterle architects - 8
an elephant shaped bench in the middle of a room with wooden doors and window sill
montemurro aguiar on Instagram: “Casa Rusca, Genestrerio”
a woman is walking through an open door in a room with wooden floors and walls
Gallery of Villa 131 / Bracket Design Studio - 11
an empty room with wooden walls and flooring
Elwood House by Matyas Architects
the hallway is lined with wooden slats and has a white bed in the background
Lualdi's Wall & Door system lets architects create surfaces that perfectly fit their surroundings
an empty room with wood floors and white walls
Bridging New & Old – Interiors by Designer Francesc Rifé | OEN
an open door leading into a room with concrete floors and large windows on both sides
San Joaquin Valley Residence