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Sfondo per telefono con scritta I love Aaron Warner Aaron Warner
an open book with two pictures of the same person on it, sitting next to a plant
Warner 🌷✨🔥
a woman in a black suit looking at clothes on hangers with a quote above her
Aaron Warner
an open book with the words why i love aaron warnner on it's cover
Aaron Warner shatter me serie Juliette Ferrars love book aesthetic
two people hugging each other with hearts above them
Kenji and Nazeera
some people are talking to each other and one has an eye on his head, the other
Aaron Warner 🧎‍♀️ #shatterme #aaronwarner #moodboard #bookaesthetic #aesthetic
four different poses of people with their hands together
Kenji, Warner & Juliette - Shatter Me
two people holding hands in front of a wall with the words shaped me written on it
a painting of two people dressed in black and white, one holding the other's hand