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a black and white image of a gecko
Design graphique
two notebooks with the letters k and n on them next to each other,
formes et contre formes, jeu de lettres et de chiffres... - Quand je serai grande... Je serai...
two black and white abstract paintings one with the letter s in it's center
the logo for la fabrique, a french fashion house that has been designed by philippe
la babrique
black and white photograph of three different shapes on the wall
contre forme
four different font styles with the same color scheme for each letter, and one has an image
Forme/contre-forme – typolab2
the letters k and m are made up of different font styles, including one for each letter
Forme/contre-forme – typolab2
the logo for abceeggi is shown in black and white, with an image of
Forme/contre-forme – typolab2
four different posters with people standing in front of them
Forme/contre-forme – typolab2