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a white bookcase with shelves and other items
Hur jag gjort, steg för steg!
H... | Starwoman - Interior & Lifestyle by Anna Åberg | Sköna Hem
an empty room with shelves and tools on the floor
Office Makeover Part 2 | Building in Billy IKEA Hack - Southern Revivals
there are many seashells in the tray on the table and one is blue
Layers of the soil science foldout activity
Review the layers of the soil with this differentiated foldable activity. This fun alternative to a standard cut and paste worksheet allows children to order the layers in the soil profile with either descriptions or name labels. It covers the topsoil, subsoil, weathered rock (parent material) and bedrock. There's an option included for students to write descriptions in the boxes. Suitable for home or school earth science lessons, interactive notebooks, centers and more!
Pee on your kids mattress | DIY stain remover
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a mason jar filled with seashells and starfish
Simple Summer Decor | Musings on Momentum
a painted rock with a starfish on it
two painted mason jars with daisies tied to them on a tile floor next to a wall
a bunch of rocks that have been painted on them and are sitting on a piece of paper