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an image of some cartoon characters talking to each other
I have this head canon that thor doesn't understand why humans have a hard time with gender fluidicy (is that the word?).
a comic strip with two people sitting at a table and one is holding a cup
tomas (@murderxrehab) • Instagram photos and videos
a woman with red hair and tattoos next to a pool
State ACLU Director Resigns Over Group’s Support For Trans Rights
a man and woman are looking at each other in front of a mirror with the words pressure to be beautiful women it is not a gender issue
Right. It's not like steroids are actually MORE dangerous than eating disorders. At least the body knows how to handle abnormal food intake. It's not designed to handle hormone injections.
an image of pikachu on twitter
um this is sweet and all but pikachu just seems confused i dont think they agreed to this so less sweet if it was voulintary im all for it though
two people with pink hair are talking to each other and one is holding a sign that says you're either a boy or a girl
This is perfection