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three tiered trays filled with different types of desserts on top of a table
Afternoon Tea at Best Western Glendower hotel
the afternoon tea course order poster
Afternoon Tea Course Order
Is there a proper way to eat afternoon tea? Yes there is! See what to eat first. #afternoontea #hightea #teatime
mini victoria sponge cakes on a cooling rack with powdered sugar and jelly toppings
Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes (A Taste of Britain)
Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes (A Taste of Britain)
10-Minute Smoked Salmon Pinwheels
Deliciously savory smoked salmon pinwheels rolled up with a flavorful chive and dill cream cheese and tons of fresh spinach. This easy, healthy appetizer comes together in just 10 minutes for the ultimate party food or snack! #appetizer #smokesalmon #salmonrecipe #healthysnack #healthyappetizer #partyfood
an afternoon tea party with pink flowers and cakes
How to Serve an Easy Afternoon Tea
How to serve an easy Afternoon Tea: we've gathered the best ideas from hosting to serving, decor ideas, best tea to serve, tea courses, and in what order. We've even compiled an easy Afternoon Tea etiquette. #afternoontea #entertaining #teaparty #wedding #showers #tea #party #31Daily
the british afternoon tea best tea and do's, don'ts
A British Afternoon Tea
Which tea should you serve at an Afternoon Tea? Especially a British Afternoon Tea. This and other questions like what to do... and not do at tea. Taking Afternoon Tea Like the British | #afternoontea #britishtea #scones #teasandwiches #etiquette #31Daily by kristie
cucumber tea sandwiches on a white plate
Cucumber Tea Sandwiches ~ 3 Spreads & 3 Ways
how to make cucumber tea sandwiches on a cutting board and serving platter
How To Make Cucumber Tea Sandwiches - Inspired by my tea experiences in London, as well as my obsession for all things Downton Abbey, I had to make cucumber tea sandwiches at home. This British tea tradition is simple to make, but there are a few helpful tricks to it.
15 delicious tea sandwiches that are easy to make
Looking for tea sandwich recipes for your next tea party? If youre looking for finger sandwiches that are adorable and tasty, Ive got them right here! #teasandwiches #fingersandwiches #fingerfood #appetizers #teaparty
nine sandwiches with different types of food arranged in the shape of squares on top of each other
Sandwich - Tea Sandwiches B
Sandwich - Tea Sandwiches B by Eudaemonius, via Flickr