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a woman is smiling and posing with her hand in the air while holding onto a pair of scissors
Memes 2.0 - Part 1
an iphone is plugged into a charger with a cord attached to the phone
two cartoon characters, one pointing at the camera and the other saying praw reka ko
an image of a creepy creature with words below it that say,'i don't know what this is
a book cover with an arrow pointing to the left and words below it that read, jestem jednym z takich ludzi
Ja też tak mam XD
there are three urinals with eyes on them
Memy i śmieszne obrazki z głownej - strona 40882
two bicyclists are riding down the street with boxes on their backs and one is carrying something
a button with the words mama in spanish and an image of a hand holding a computer mouse
an upside down building in the middle of a parking lot with water coming out of it
a drawing of a creepy woman with words above her head and the caption below that says, telefon podswiell sie w noc bez powdu?
a black and white cat laying on the ground next to a door with fake rabbits sticking out of it
God, Satan
two pictures with the words cyym masz and an image of a goose
two people texting to each other on their cell phones with the caption'i don't know what they are saying