Anti Bullying Week

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bulletin board with handprints on it that says the hand of friendship has no collage
The Crayon Box That Talked Freebie Writing Papers
Students could write/draw examples of bullying and put in in the trash can. Bulletin Boards, Counselling Activities, School Counseling Bulletin Boards, Counseling Bulletin Boards, Classroom Community
Students could write/draw examples of bullying and put in in the trash can.
a bulletin board that has been decorated with paper cut outs and some writing on it
Anti Bully Week Door Banner Competition
a woman holding up a sign with a picture on it that says she is so nice
Anti Bullying Week- Compliment game
Anti Bullying Week- Compliment game
a bulletin board with handprints on it and a poem written in the middle
I pledge to be bully free! Love it! Gotta do this next year.
a white wall covered in lots of stickers and writing that says, one team
smART Class
Our School Theme of the Year is “One Team, One Goal, No Limits. The first few weeks of school each grade worked on a drawing to make a large group mural to exemplify the theme. Here are the results. Below, kinder and first grade students made self portraits wearing blue and green (school colors) and holding something that represents them to show how we are all unique, but part of one big team!
a bulletin board with stars and writing on it
Give each student a star and have them write something nice they can say to people in class. You can use this to encourage friendship, anti bullying, and class unity. Talk about how hearing these sparkle statements makes them feel. My kids love it! We refer to the wall at least once a week to refresh their memories and let them practice speaking nicely to each other :)
a purple piece of paper with writing on it and a heart shaped sign that says before you speak think and be smart, it's hard to fix a wrinkles heart
Before You Speak-
Anti Bullying week- Before you speak, think and be smart, its hard to fix a wrinkled heart.
Anti Bullying Week resources English, Secondary School Teaching
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Anti Bullying Week resources
Anti Bully poster Behance, Silence Hurts, Bullying Posters, Anti Bullying, It Hurts
Silence Hurts
Anti Bully poster