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a person standing in front of a large piece of art with circles on the wall
Artist Inspiration: Isabella Ducrot
a vase with five candles in it sitting on a wooden floor next to a chair
Nytt hos danska Kähler hösten 2014
Globo Candle Holder Terracotta
someone is making something with their hands on the table and then using them to make it look like they are doing something
Blog - Jen Hewett
What I've been printing lately: January 2015 edition by Jen Hewett
a painting of a woman sitting on the ground with a moon in her hand and mountains behind her
Sweet Korean Drawings
Sweet Korean Drawings – Fubiz Media More
a painting of a woman in white shirt and yellow skirt holding her hair up to her face
vecka 8. (Sandra Beijer - Niotillfem)
vecka 8.
a drawing of a woman with many heads in the air
Marcel Dzama. “Untitled,” 1998–1999.
two people are walking on a tightrope
Inspiration & Motivation
5 Types of Friends Everyone Should Have | Jerry had George, Kramer, and Elaine. Carrie had Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. They knew, as you do, that one person can’t fulfill every friendship function. Here, experts weigh in on the key personalities you shouldn’t be without.
a mobile with various objects hanging from it
Expired - domain expired
Les mobiles de Paris se quema – Miluccia | Magazine d'inspiration décoration et design
a wooden wind chime hanging from the ceiling in a room with grey walls and wood accents
Riki Watanabe Fuyuh Mobile (via Nova 68) perfectly balanced mobile