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a black and yellow spider sitting on top of a piece of paper
Animal & Insect – Ch'ng Kiah Kiean
Animal & Insect – Ch'ng Kiah Kiean
a drawing of a bug sitting on top of a tree
several pairs of brass boxing gloves hanging from strings on a wooden floor with people in the background
Look closer! You'll never guess what this incredible, ethereal artwork is made of | CBC Arts
Look closer! You'll never guess what this incredible, ethereal artwork is made of | CBC Arts
a close up of a bug with spikes on it's back
Hispella atra | НАСЕКОМЫЕ УРАЛА
Hispella atra | INSECTS URAL
a close up of a blue beetle on a white background
Insects made of clay - MAD' IN EUROPE: request quotes, estimates, prices or catalogues online through MOM, your B2B digital platform dedicated to decor, design and lifestyle professionals.
a plant growing out of an old tire
Cyphostemma laza
Cyphostemma laza | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an image of two birds that are in the shape of a bird's head
Lycoderes sp. (from insects of Guyana)
a close up of a bug on a white background with another insect in the foreground
a bug that is sitting on the side of a wooden wall with it's eyes closed
Telamona pyramidata, Treehopper in Subfamily Smiliinae
a close up of a bug on a leaf
Heteronotus trinodosus 3.2
Heteronotus trinodosus #weirdwins
コスタリカ昆虫中心生活 昆虫だけで日本の何十倍も生息している生物多様性の国、中米コスタリカ。西田賢司はここで単身、昆虫を採集・飼育し、研究している。部屋には昆虫を飼育する袋がずらりとぶらさがり、押入れには標本箱が積まれている。網を片手に森へ入れば、ゴミ袋いっぱいに昆虫たちを採ってくる。写真を通して見る、コスタリカのす�ごい虫たちと、西田賢司のちょっと変わった昆虫中心生活。 Macro Fotografia, Interesting Animals, Arachnids
第12回 雨雨雨でお祭り騒ぎなのは?
コスタリカ昆虫中心生活 昆虫だけで日本の何十倍も生息している生物多様性の国、中米コスタリカ。西田賢司はここで単身、昆虫を採集・飼育し、研究している。部屋には昆虫を飼育する袋がずらりとぶらさがり、押入れには標本箱が積まれている。網を片手に森へ入れば、ゴミ袋いっぱいに昆虫たちを採ってくる。写真を通して見る、コスタリカのすごい虫たちと、西田賢司のちょっと変わった昆虫中心生活。
a close up of a mosquito on someone's finger
Sabethes mosquito
Finally getting better pics bit by bit but these are notoriously difficult to get photographs of. Bit of a story behind this mosquito. I saw it in smccann's photostream a while back and nearly traveled to French Guiana, just for this guy. A better photo can be seen in his stream here: I was photographing some ants when I saw this guy flying around my head, well, this was the first time I'd ever seen this guy and I was s...
a blue and green insect with yellow dots on it's body hanging from a tree
Aphids, Scale Insects, Leafhoppers, and Tree Hoppers Archives - What's That Bug?
Lanternfly -------- found this interesting, I have never seen one before ------- and it looks nothing like the lightening bugs from here ------ wondering if the back end lights up too since it is called a lanternfly
two white bugs sitting on top of a leaf
Moth-like Planthopper (Ricaniidae) - DSC_4232
Planthopper (Ricaniidae) momma & child