Färggranna Fiskar!

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a red and white fish in some green plants next to water with yellow leaves around it
Jenn's Tanks
a close up of a fish with yellow and blue stripes on it's face
Ornate Cowfish. Australia
a blue and red discus fish in an aquarium with green plants around the bottom half
AquariumDomain.com | Discus fish, Tropical freshwater fish, Pet fish
a blue and white fish in an aquarium next to some plants on the side of the water
Dive Adventure: Dive Damai
two striped fish swimming next to each other
a red fish with blue dots on it's body
My World of Colours
a yellow and pink fish in an aquarium
a fish that is swimming in some water
22 Colorful Animals Who Look Too Beautiful To Be Real
a blue and white fish with yellow eyes
Clown Triggerfish