8th Grade Haunted House

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Creepy Crawlies

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Haunted Carnival

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Vampire Lair

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How to make a DIY X-ray Board for a Mad Lab Halloween Party + Free Printbles via @PagingSupermom

Haunted Hospital or Laboratory

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Zombies/Night of the Living Dead

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Haunted Hotel

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three jars with faces in them and the words sedem diy head in a jar
DIY Head in a Jar with Sea Lemon - HGTV Handmade
an x - ray image is displayed on the wall next to a green flask
Mad Lab Halloween Dinner Party - Paging Supermom
How to make a DIY X-ray Board for a Mad Lab Halloween Party + Free Printbles via @PagingSupermom
three large metal containers with skeletons and human body parts in them on display at a convention
a jar with a man's face on it
Throw a Mad Scientist Lab Party! | ehow.com
a jar filled with water and blood on top of a table
Halloween Jar of Human Heart Prop Mad Scientist
a table topped with lots of different types of lights and bottles filled with stuff on top of it
The Haunted Laboratory is done!
two people dressed up in halloween costumes standing next to a table with decorations on it
Mad scientist lab
Whoa!!! Helene, we can make use of your discarded blankets.
some bottles and containers filled with different colored liquid
Make a Mad Science Lab With Household Items
I used household items to set up this simple mad science lab for Halloween. #madsciencelab #madscience #halloweendecor #sciencelab
halloween crafts for kids to make with jars and spider webs in green mason jars
Light Up Specimen Jar Halloween Decorations
Make these DIY glowing specimen jars to kick up your Halloween decorations, or to add to your mad scientist's laboratory theme this year. This is a very easy craft idea that comes together in just a few minutes with inexpensive easy-to-find materials. It's a great Halloween craft project to do with the kids, too!
a woman in a red skirt and black top with her hands on her head posing for the camera
Freaky Contortionist Costume With False Legs
two women with green hair are dressed in red and white striped dresses, one is wearing a blue wig
12 Beautiful Monsters! Portraits from our last show by Jeremiah Newton.
a woman in a red skirt and black top posing with her arms on her hips
Freaky Contortionist Costume With False Legs
a woman laying on top of a red table next to a white door wearing black stockings
The Family Circus Costume - Photo 2/5