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This Reading Log Printable for Kids is cute - and totally free! You can color in the book stack when a book is read or listened to. There is also enough space to write down the name of the book. Perfect for kindergarten or homeschool. #printable #freeprintable #forkids #forchildren


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a stack of books with the words less drama more books
Less Drama More Books
a black and white image of books to read with a cat laying on top of them
Foto Gatti Stilizzati, Immagini e Vettoriali
the book club bingo game is shown here
Book Club Bingo - A Reading Challenge
the month reading challenge is shown in black and white with flowers around it, including an open
Monthly Reading Challenge
a stack of books with the words i love reading written on it, and a cartoon snoop
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an image of cats reading books with the caption'just bookworm things '
a quote that reads why can people just sit and read books and be nice to each other?