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a wooden deck with two large rocks on it
a white bed sitting next to a wooden shelf with potted plants on top of it
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three baskets are hanging on the wall next to a window
Hatthyllor & skohyllor i elegant tidlös design
a table with magazines and a vase on it in front of a gray couch next to a grey sofa
Side Tables | Living Room Side Tables
a wooden chair with a curved back and seat, viewed from the front angle on a white background
a wooden shoe rack with two shelves on each side and measurements for the top shelf
Praktiskt skoförvaring i unik design.Tillverkad i bambu med plats för 6 par, skohyllan är staplingsbar och enkel att montera.Teknisk informationMått: 74x33x33 cmMaterial: Bambu
a wooden bench sitting on top of a bed
four wooden chairs sitting next to each other on a gray surface with no one around them