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an autographed photo of a man with a soccer ball in front of him
Ove Kindvall
the cover of tokyo fm magazine, featuring an image of a swimming pool and palm trees
the goonies sticker on a blue background with yellow and black lettering that says,'10 cards 1 sticker / 1 stick bubble gum '
Topps The Goonies Sticker Card Packaging (1985)
four badges with different designs on them, including one for poppin's and the other for hot stuff
4 x Retro Scratch 'N Sniff Stickers Sticker
an old tv sitting on top of a wooden desk next to a pile of books
Plucked out of an 80's bedroom! Excellent addition to our 80's candy buffet.
the word livn lage is painted in purple and blue on a gray background
pizzzatime.biz -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbsppizzzatime Resources and Information.
Pizzza Time
two pieces of paper that are on top of a wooden table and one has an image of a car in the background
threshold_note: Photo
ultrazapping: Tatsuro Yamashita ‘Come Along 2’ (1984) Design by Masayuki Yano (Vitamin Studio). Illustration by Eizin Suzuki. I’ve waited a long time to receive this one as it’s from Japan but boy was it worth the wait! I’m in love with the illustrative style and scenes depicted on the front and back, both of which draw from a photorealist painting aesthetic. (Mat Maitland, Leopard Tree Dream)
the letter m is made up of different colors and shapes, including zebra print letters
80s MTV
some stickers are on the back of a white board with black letters and numbers
80s stickers // "Make Yourself Scarce!" "Take a Hike!" "Come off it!" "Get Lost!" "Be Gone Bozo!" "Just Cool It!" "Float Away Air Head!" "But Off!" "Well Excuuse Me!" "Gross Me Out!"
the logo for santa cruz skateboarding company