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an image of trees with green leaves and the words, we people are all here
Be a Tree! by Maria Gianferrari illustrated by Felicita Sala
an open book with drawings on it and the title how to draw a hydrangea
How to draw hydrangea flowers. On the left, i break down the steps to drawing the individual flowers (which have four simple petals) from different perspectives. On the right, I put them together into a bunch! To make the bunch, be sure to start with a circular or oval shaped guide to help know where the edge of the bunch will be! Tag me or use #bonjournal to show me yours!!! by eleanor
a notebook with some writing on it next to two markers and a pen, which is laying on a white surface
Pin on All Things Planner
Spice Up Your Bullet Journal with Bold Unique Headers | Zen of Planning | Planner Peace and Inspiration
the words everything will be fine written in black and white on a watercolor background
Travel The World's Most Exciting Cities In Vivid Watercolour!
I really love the way this drawing is very vaguely drawn and at the same time precise enough to have us recognize the place.
an abstract painting with red, yellow and black paint splattered on the wall
Hopare /Alexandre Monteiro, 1989 | Abstract Portrait painter | Street art
The Kiss from Alexandre Monteiro aka Hopare, abstract portrait painter &…
an abstract painting with blue, pink and orange flowers on it's side in watercolor
Last Call: Get Your Hands on the Mother's Day Stanley Cups Before They All Sell Out
30+Thoughtful+Gifts+for+Mom+ -
a person is stamping something with blue ink
30 DIY Art Ideas that will Change Your Life Forever
a woman sitting in front of a cactus with her hand on the back of it
21 Art Prints That Will Make You Feel Things
“Summer Love” by Henn Kim | 21 Gorgeous Art Prints That Are Surprisingly Moving
a painting on the side of a building with a woman holding a pot and watering
Pause Cafein : actualités et news people - PauseCafeIn
21 street arts débordants de talent et d'imagination. A couper le souffle !
a painting of a woman in white shirt and yellow skirt holding her hair up to her face
Hey, All You 20-Somethings: Breathe
Single people want relationships, settled people wonder if they're missing out on something, traveling types miss stability, stable ones are restless, old friends want new friends, new friends miss old friends... The doubt is natural, and everyone you know -- yes, even that person -- carries it sometimes too. Allow yourself to be peaceful. Allow yourself satisfaction in what you have. If you really don't like it, allow yourself permission to make changes.
a drawing of a woman with her eyes closed and hair blowing in the wind, against an orange background
land to light on
Kathrin Honesta
a painting of a ballerina in white dress
a drawing of a woman in a blue dress
75 Drawing Ideas To Include And Add To Your Sketchbook
99 Insanely Smart, Easy and Cool Drawing Ideas to Pursue Now