Food - sweets/snacks/dessert etc.

All things food that is sweet, or meant as a snack/dessert. Not to be confused with nibbles, which you would serve at a party.
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a person is holding some kind of pastry in their hand and it looks like they are going to eat something
Homemade Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts
These homemade brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts are SO much better than store-bought! With a flaky, buttery crust, a delicious brown sugar cinnamon filling and a glaze that sets up perfectly, you'll never want to buy them from the store again.
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Blätterteigkuchen mit Erdbeeren aus dem Eierkarton
Heute zeigen wir dir, wie einfach und genial man mit einem fertigen Blätterteig einen schnellen und unglaublich leckeren Kuchen mit Erdbeeren, Schokolade und Frischkäsecreme aus dem Eierkarton zaubern kann. Ja, richtig gelesen – aus dem Eierkarton. Lass dich überraschen!
Cookie Pots 🍪🪴🍓💚
Ingredients: Cookie dough Red chocolate Crushed Oreos Strawberries Buttercream
there are jelly candies in the palm of someone's hand, and they have gummy on them
Homemade Gushers Candy!
Learn how to make DIY slime filled gushers candy! These DIY liquid filled candies are super easy to make and turn out just like the real thing!
how to make homemade bubble gum
Homemade Bubble Gum: How To Make, Recipe, Step By Step -My List Of Lists
Make your own homemade bubble gum with this delicious bubble gum recipe! You can't miss a candy recipie this easy!
there is a sign that says cloud jellies on the table next to it
Cloud Jellies
Cloud Jellies- a lunchbox recipe that's good for you! Yummy fruit and yoghurt goodness!
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blueberry muffins in paper cups on a tray with the words cottage cheese blueberry muffins
High Protein Blueberry Cottage Cheese Muffins - Lovely Delites
Cottage Cheese Blueberry Muffins are a healthy, high protein breakfast muffin that is easy to make ahead for the entire week. These muffins are filled with fresh blueberries for a naturally sweeter taste. A great cottage cheese recipe to prep at the start of the week for a quick grab and go breakfast throughout.
Charming Flower Cookies: A Blossoming Delight for All Occasions
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a white plate topped with stuffed dates covered in cheese and herbs on top of it
Feta-Parmesan Roasted Stuffed Dates with Honey-Walnut Herb Crunch Recipe | The Feedfeed
Feta-Parmesan Roasted Stuffed Dates with Honey-Walnut Herb Crunch by starinfinitefood | Quick & Easy Recipe | The Feedfeed