Knit, Crochet, and Weaving for the Kitchen

This board contains patterns for essential kitchen items like hand-knit washcloths, crochet washcloths, dishcloths, towels, potholders, and scrubbies. Woven Loom Potholders are also included in this board. I love using them in my own home and they are always appreciated handmade gifts and DIY gifts. Also, how to resize washcloths.
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crochet thermie stitch on top of a black skillet with a white cloth
Free Pattern for Crochet Thermal Stitch Potholder
These Thermal Stitch Crochet Potholders are a very economical, handmade gift. I used cotton kitchen twine for my potholders; you can crochet 4 potholders from a $6.00 spool of cotton kitchen twine! Make sure to nab the free printable pattern.
two crocheted potholders with the text free pattern for knit linen stitch pot holders
Free Pattern for Linen-Stitch Knit Potholders
If you are looking for handmade gifts for Christmas or housewarmings, these knit potholders will fit that bill perfectly! Potholders are one of those things that it seems everyone always needs. With the recommended yarn, you can knit four of them for a total of $12, making them an economical gift as well. Nab the free printable.
a crochet lemon peel stitch washcloth with the words learn to crochet
Crochet Lemon Peel Washcloth Pattern - Free Printable
Simple crochet stitches are all you need to crochet this Lemon Peel Stitch washcloth. Add the scallop edge crochet border to put a charming finish on your washcloth. Nab the free pattern.
the garter stitch dishcloth pattern is perfect for beginners
Garter Stitch Washcloth Pattern
This Easy Garter Stitch Dishcloth Knitting Pattern is the perfect pattern for new knitters. Using only knit or purl, this pattern gives you the opportunity to practice and perfect one stitch and still create something useful. This pattern is the last post in a series of 6 that teaches basic knit skills. After the first 5 posts, you should be able to knit this washcloth!
an advertisement for hand knit washcloth patterns
Handknit Washcloths for Beginners
A very simple pattern for hand-knit washcloths that uses the double seed stitch. These washcloths are perfect for gifting or for your own use.
crochet sunburst dishcloth is shown in yellow and white
Sunburst Crochet Dishcloth - Free Pattern
Create practical and pretty dishcloths with this easy crochet pattern. It's a great project for beginners and experienced crocheters alike. Enjoy the process and the end result!
the diagonal basketweave washcloth pattern is easy to crochet and can be made in any size
Free Diagonal Basketweave Washcloth Pattern
Gather your knitting tools and embark on a new project. This pattern offers a satisfying challenge with a beautiful outcome, ideal for knitters looking to try something different. Perfect for your kitchen or bathroom and makes great gifts, as well.
a crochet pattern with the words loom potholders on it and a pair of scissors
Loom Potholders
Upgrade your kitchen accessories with something handmade. These loom potholders are not just practical, they're also a joy to make.
a white dish cloth sitting on top of a yellow plate with the words, chinese wave washcloth
How to Knit the Chinese Wave Washcloth
I like the Chinese Wave Stitch Pattern for the loft it creates. It has a thickness to it that you just don’t get with a garter stitch. In addition to the texture, it is a very pretty pattern. It’s called the Chinese Wave Stitch, but I see diamonds in the pattern more than waves, but that’s just me.
an image of knitted coasters on a kitchen counter with text overlay that reads knit an i - cord trivet
Knit I-Cord Trivet Pattern
Looking for a stylish and functional addition to your kitchen? Look no further than this fabulous Knit I-Cord Trivet Pattern! Unleash your creativity and impress your guests with this easy-to-make trivet. Whether it's for hot pots or as a decorative piece, this pattern has got you covered. Get your knitting needles ready and click the link to start crafting!
a white crocheted dish cloth sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wire basket
Free Daisy Stitch Knit Dishcloth Pattern
These Daisy Stitch Knit Washcloths knit up pretty quickly once you get the hang of the pattern. It’s nice to have a stash of hand-knit washcloths for last-minute gifts. Nab the free pattern.
two crocheted dishcloths sitting next to each other
Super Quick and Easy Knit Dishcloth Pattern
This Knit Washcloth Pattern is a perfect pattern for new knitters as it uses only the knit stitch, as well as increasing and decreasing techniques.
a knitted dishcloth with the words garter stitch knitting pattern on it and an image
Free Garter Stitch Trivet Knit Pattern
Add these useful kitchen trivets to your kitchen with this easy-to-follow Garter Stitch Trivet knitting pattern. Made with durable cotton yarn, it's perfect for protecting your countertops and adding a touch of style to your cooking space. Click to download the free pattern and give it a try!
three crocheted dishcloths stacked on top of each other with text overlay that reads, waffle stitch dishcloth pattern
Free Pattern for Waffle Stitch Knit Dishcloth or Washcloth
Simple knit and purl stitches result in a reversible knit washcloth. The simple stitches make this a great project for new knitters, looking for ways to stretch beyond stockinette. And not for nothing, the waffle stitch results in a knit fabric that doesn’t curl! An optional crochet edge makes the dishcloth really special.
a loaf of bread sitting on top of a white table next to a sign that says garter stitch knit trivet pattern
Free Garter Stitch Trivet Knit Pattern
Check out our latest #knitting pattern on Nourish and Nestle! This garter stitch trivet is the perfect project for beginners or anyone looking for a quick and easy project. The pattern is easy to follow and makes for a practical addition to your kitchen or great gifts. Get started today!