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'Crystal City' by John Harris


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an airplane flying in the sky over land
Miles M.39B Libellula - British Tandem Wing Bomber
three different views of a space ship in the air
Unfinished work,
a white and black four - wheeled vehicle with large wheels
Hilyd Quadbike (Elastic Hunt), Samuel Brito
a fighter jet flying through the sky above clouds
SP-12 Sapsan attack drone (CONCEPT), RenderDock Studio
two people with backpacks climbing up a mountain
Mission to Mars | Designing Backpacks for NASA
an abstract painting with blue and purple buildings on top of a hill in the distance
'Crystal City' by John Harris
'Crystal City' by John Harris
a black and white drawing of a man's torso
Syd Mead original Tron costume design & puzzles!
an image of a building made out of paper
Houses, Anthony Brault
an artist's rendering of a futuristic city surrounded by ice and snow
Spirits Revange, Marcin Basta