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red flowers with green eyes in the middle
A Few things I love...
the inside of a building with red water
Architecture of Blood by Kevin Abanto
a drawing of a skeleton with long hair
Magdalene, Mike Patrick
glitch + gifs == glitchgifs
glitch + gifs == glitchgifs
an image of red hair with eyes and other things on it's surface, as well as the eyeballs
three skeletons in a room with red light
a red frame with the words, kiss us red as blood and gold as hell
a girl with her hand on her face in front of a black and red background
three candles are lit in the dark with red light coming from one candle and another on the wall
a drawing of a woman with her hand on her face, in front of a red background
the words i'm glad i don't die before i met you on a black background
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a red frame with the words will you rot with me?
Tank Girl
Kawaii, Collage, Design, Miyagi, Graphic Design, Desain Grafis, Japanese, Mobiles, Red Design
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