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an outdoor water feature in the middle of a garden with tall grass and plants around it
Shiflett Residence
Concrete board water feature | Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture - Shiflett Residence
a wooden structure with plants growing out of it and water flowing from the top to the bottom
At one end of the pergola, an airy waterfall designed by architect Lance Kaprielian is simple but stunning
the before and after shots of this backyard makeover
DIY Outdoor Water Wall Privacy Screen
Garden Water Wall. Next outdoor project.
a water fountain with moss growing on the side of it and a stone wall in the background
Ireland > Lismore > Fountain
A water fountain outside the walls of Lismore Castle gardens
the water is running down the steps in the garden
Water running down s... stock photo by Heather Edwards, Image: 0117866
To prevent those Escher moments create a rill within your steps and let gravity be your guide.
three metal bowls sitting on top of gravel
Water en vuur - Inspiraties -
Omg I love water bowls! Especially the large copper ones with a light inside. Beautiful
a metal pipe is attached to the side of a building with potted plants and stools
16 Amazing DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garden
16 Amazing DIY Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garden
some tall grass next to a building
The Okanagan Xeriscape Association (OXA) provides xeriscape information- classes, workshops, online resources and a plant database.
Feather reed Karl Foerster grass
a small waterfall running under a stone bridge with a round hole in the middle that is surrounded by rocks
remain simple
Waterfall spilling through a circular opening reminiscent of an Asian-style "Moon-Viewing Window"
a large metal box sitting on top of a stone floor next to a planter
Love how the water reflects off this gorgeous contemporary fountain.