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an image of many different avatars from the video game naruta, which has been
World of Our Fantasy
an anime poster with two women holding swords in front of a cityscape background
an anime scene with many people sitting on the couch and one person standing in front of them
some anime characters are talking to each other
an anime movie poster with the main characters and their names in blue light, surrounded by other
Steal His Heart
two anime characters standing next to each other in front of a black background with white swirls
Persona 5 already has quite the fan art following, cultivated since release in Japan
JEN @ P5 💖 (Hiatus) (@noreigret)
an image of a group of people with different faces
two men are playing pool in front of other people and one is leaning over the pool table
Persona Billiard Bros. | Megami Tensei - Persona
two mannequins sitting at a table in front of a video game menu
F for P5 on Nintendo Switch | Megami Tensei - Persona
there is an image of some cartoon characters on the screen with words that say, crewmate
kuu on Twitter
an anime character with two swords in their hands
Hisoka, Inari