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an orange and brown rug with geometric designs
Tunic Fragment | Wari | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
an image of a piece of art that looks like it is made out of fabric
Embroidered Fragment | Paracas | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
an old black and white photo of a woman wearing a skirt with many different patterns on it
Торговка платками. Из серии "Русские типы". Издательство П. фон Гиргенсона. 1900-е гг.
Karin Ferner 5 Sewing, Sweden, Sewing Projects, Wordpress, Swedish Fashion, Shibori, Statement Necklace, Textiles, Silver
Textila inslag
Karin Ferner 5
a blue and orange quilt with flowers on the front, in an old fashioned pattern
Auktioner på nätet - Bukowskis
MATTA, rölakan, "Vallmovång", Judith Johansson, signerad JJ, 1900-talets andra hälft, 240 x 170 cm.
Historical Accuracy Reincarnated Detail Couture, Lindy Hop, Vintage Gowns, Vestidos Vintage, Empire Style, Edwardian Fashion, Moda Vintage, Mambo, Historical Dresses
Historical Accuracy Reincarnated
Historical Accuracy Reincarnated
several colorful bracelets hanging from bamboo trees
Fabric Beetles by Lelly Young for Osborne and Little
an old rug with flowers and leaves on the side, it is dark brown in color
Antique Floral Persian Flat Woven Kilim Rug 44005
Antique Persian Kilim 44005 Main Image - By Nazmiyal