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Eating all the food from the little mermaid! #foodie #shorts#eating #disney #sushi #thelittlemermaid

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What I ate in the red light district of Amsterdam! #foodie #shorts #eating #amsterdam #netherlands

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Rating the best pastry combos in Paris 🇫🇷

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Only eating street food for a full day in NYC! #foodie #shorts #eating #streetfood #nyc #koreanfood
The DESSERT WAFFLE FRIES from Crepe House in the Bronx! 🧇🍟🍫The perfect sweet treat! #DEVOURPOWER

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delicious agave honey water#shorts


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The Most Viral Ice Cream Ever - Hampton Chocolate Factory Soft Serve

yum ☺️✨

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Why we drink soju like this #koreanfood #soju #koreandrink

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The genius travel hack you need with kids #mom #momlife #momhack #hack #motherhood  #mother

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Honoring their cultures ✨💜🩵

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Kristina Makeeva↟Kotleta↟Timon on Instagram: "Glittering shiny diamond sand of Hormuz island:  Hormuz Island, located in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Iran, is known for its unique and striking natural phenomenon — glittering sand. This phenomenon gives the island a special beauty and makes it a popular tourist destination.  The reason why the sand on Hormuz glimmers is due to the unique composition and minerals present in its soil. The island is famous for its colorful mountain formations and sand, with colors ranging from red and gold to white and blue. These unique colors are due to the high content of various minerals and metal oxides, such as iron, salts, and silicon.  Particularly notable is the red sand, rich in iron oxide, which gives the sand a bright red hue and a glittering

NEED 💜✨🩵

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The #2 Restaurant In The World (Insane Meal)

cool but hm

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How to Carve Fruit Very Fast and Beauty part  4568
Top 5 Fruits in my backyard! 🍌👨🏽‍🌾 #farming

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Getting customized sandals in Capri, Italy 😎

this to buy

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The Travelers House on Instagram: "Follow @thetravelershouse for more travel inspo & tips ✈️🗺️ One slip away from ☠️😰 Harihar Fort, nestled in the Nashik district of Maharashtra, India, is a stunning emblem of ancient architecture and natural splendor. Perched at an altitude of about 3,676 feet above sea level, this fort is renowned for its unique rock-cut steps. The fort’s main attraction is its 60-meter high pinnacle, and the steps leading up to it are carved ingeniously in a zigzag pattern, offering a thrilling climb. The trek to the top is both challenging and exhilarating, attracting adventure enthusiasts from all over. The last 200 feet of the hike is particularly steep and thrilling, with sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. 🎥: @maharashtra_gadkille #adrenalinerush #ad

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Top 3 Ways to Find Hidden Cameras in Airbnb

cameras (Creeps!! 🔥

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Circle Round
Strawberry Goblin Vintage
House of Vintage

thrift {here}

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16M views · 689K likes | NYC Food Faves on Instagram: "This s’mores hot chocolate from @glacenoglu should definitely be added to your hit list! Glace is an ice cream shop that opened on the Upper East Side earlier this year & they’re serving some delicious hot chocolates for the colder months. Their s’mores hot chocolate is made from a blend of milk and dark chocolate topped with homemade marshmallow fluff & whipped cream. It was delicious & is definitely very sweet. I’d opt to share it as a dessert more than a drink. Definitely a contender for a top NYC hot chocolate for me! #hotchocolate #eater #thrillist #hotcocoa #nycbucketlist #dessert #insiderfood #newyorkcity #chocolate #explorenyc #nyctodo #uppereastside #ues #foodiesinternationalchat #globaleats"


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100 Giant Spiders Crawling On My Body?!🕷️🕷️🕷️

Florida fyi 😐 spider🕷️

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#foryou #blockbuster #videorental #nostalgia #nostalgic #fyp #hollywoodvideo #backingime #flashback

“retro” 😂

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I brought a British croissant to Paris


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3 things not to ask in Greenland. Week 30 of 52.

the “no-no” dear Amerrrica

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Las Vegas Strip street performer hustler hustles showgirls photo tips shakedown busker Fremont st

not okay

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Aurore • Romantic places on Instagram: "If you plan to travel through France, this is an obligatory getaway 💎 #france #ardeche #reels #explorefrance #travel #castle #stairs #reeloftheday #woodstairs #beautiful #trip #instatravel #frenchcastle #architecture #beauty"


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Compass Outdoors on Instagram: "3 waterfalls to hit this winter ❄️ Twin Falls / Tumalo Falls / Franklin Falls 🤌 - - - - #pnw #pacificnorthwest #pnwhiking #pnwhikes #upperleftusa #pnwcollective #pnwwonderland"
SHAYNA TERESE TAYLOR on Instagram: "Italy, known for its rich culinary heritage, holds a special place in my heart. From the first time I set foot in this beautiful country, I felt a unique connection to its culture, its people, and, of course, it’s incredible cuisine.   It’s a place where I’ve discovered the true magic of food, where every meal is a celebration of flavors and authenticity. Italy has taught me that great food isn’t just about taste; it’s about the love and respect for genuine,

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