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an advertisement for a green pie with white frosting and toppings on the crust
Seafoam Cantaloupe Pie - Mid-Century Menu
Seafoam cantaloupe pie...what?!? (I have this Pies and Cakes cookbook.) via The Mid-Century Menu...such a hilarious site
an old advertisement for the ocean burgerer, with vegetables and ketchup on it
Soft Water
Ocean Burger. Cheddar cheese soup and Tabasco sauce over fish sticks, for a true taste of the best the ocean has to offer.
an advertisement for pizza made in minutes with copha, featuring two slices cut out
Vivat Vintage
1968, I assure you real pizza does not contain Copha. It does not contain instant mashed potato either.
an advertisement for salmon and pear salad with two stuffed fish in the middle one has lettuce on it
Salmon and Pear Salad
an advertisement for salads hot and cold called celery log
This Is What Diet Recipes Were Like In The 1970s
Chilled Celery Log.
an advertisement for del monte peas with meat
Salmon loaf in a biscuit crust served with peas that have "flavor range". Vintage ad.
an advertisement for marinated celery hearts on a plate with greens and flowers
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Celery hearts stuffed with sardines and other bits smothered in french does one eat that?
a pizza sitting on top of a metal rack
Vintage Recipe Cards
This is an abomination to pizza everywhere. Pears, anchovies, and pickled walnut slices? I never even heard of pickled walnut slices. They look an awful lot like prunes. Try serving this to your kids and see what happens.
a piece of bread with meat and an egg in it
Pork Pie - add some pickle and you're all set.
a bowl filled with olives and pickles next to two jars
Apple Herring Salad.
a drawing of a cake with fruit and vegetables in it on a glass plate next to utensils
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DEADLY GREEN!! Called "what lies beneath". Sediments of veggies in geological order, possibly with trilobites in between, all covered by a mantel of mayonnaise.
a christmas tree made out of hot dogs
Merry Kitschmas: The Ultimate Holiday Handbook
Merry Kitschmas: The Ultimate Holiday Handbook: Retro Holiday food
an advertisement for milk chicken with peas and carrots
Milk chicken (shudder) with banana buttons. Were people missing tastebuds and eyeballs back then??
an advertisement for spam'n'n'limas from the 1950's
Vintage Food Advertisements of the 1940s (Page 34)
Last we heard the kids were hopping trains with Hobos down the Tampa to join the circus.
an image of food on a plate with bread and vegetables in the foregrounds
Get the net! It's crawling off the table! What was the matter with these people? Fishbones...really?