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the cover of hoglandets konstonda with brushes and paints on it
Höglandets Konstronda 2019
Höglandets Konstronda 2019 har just invigs med en samlingsutställning i Tranås Stadshus! Nästa stora event är under Kristi Himmelsfärdshelgen 30 maj - 2 juni då ett 60-tal konstnärer öppnar sina ateljéer för besökare. Mer info på www.konstrondan.com. Välkomna alla!
an abstract painting with watercolor on paper
Lena Amstrand- Islay 3
a painting of a cityscape with tall buildings
Art Gallery
an icon of the virgin mary and child jesus
Luke 2:41-52 The Holy Family
jesus as a boy | Daily Meditations with Fr. Alfonse
an oil painting of a house on the side of a road
Vincent Van Gogh: The Old Mill (1888)
a painting of horses pulling a wagon with hay on it and people standing around in the background
Vincent van Gogh, Encampment of Gypsies with Caravans, The Trailers, 1888. Created in Arles, France. Oil on canvas, 45 x 51 cm. Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France.
a painting of people crossing a bridge over water
Artmeteo: weather forecast
van Gogh
a painting of a man sitting in a chair next to a table with a glass on it
Edvard Munch - Portrait of Hans Jaeger, 1889 at National Museum of Art Oslo Norway
Edvard Munch - Portrait of Hans Jaeger, 1889 at National Museum of Art Oslo Norway
an image of some flowers and plants in the grass with words below it that read, we can't see anything
Unravel Van Gogh App
View Vincent van Gogh’s paintings in amazing detail and learn all about his working method with the award-winning English-language app for tablets: Touch Van Gogh. What paintings can reveal. Download free for iOS and Android.
people standing around a car that has been painted
Höglandets Konstronda 2017
a watercolor painting of a woman holding a lamb
Equmeniakyrkans Gudstjänstwebb - Innehåll till Gudstjänster
The good shepherd, Peter Furuholm 2017.
a painting of a man wearing a yellow vest and white shirt with his hands in his pockets
Self Portrait in a Yellow Waistcoat | Art UK
"Self Portrait in a Yellow Waistcoat" - Desmond Haughton (English, b. 1968), oil on canvas, 1993 {figurative art male standing man painting}