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the best sandwiches in the world, with names and numbers on each one side for each
a poster advertising beef expos by country, including $ 2 billion and $ 3 billion
Beef Exports by Country (2022)
The United States was the largest beef exporter worldwide, with exports amounting to 9.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the quality of American beef. Germany exported around 8 billion dollars of beef in 2022 while Mexico ranked third with 7.2 billion dollars of beef exports.
the world's best salads in the world, with their names and numbers
a large poster with different types of sandwiches on it's sides, all in different colors
the world's most consumed meat by country in 2013 infographical image source
Mapped: Meat Consumption By Country and Type
the most popular food destinations in the world infographical poster with flags and hotdogs
Most Popular Food Destinations Worldwide (2024)
Vietnam's capital city, Hanoi, has a food culture celebrated for its authenticity and rich flavors, attracting food enthusiasts worldwide. Plenty of food-related activities are available for visitors in the city, such as foodie tours, cooking classes, and a lively dining scene. These activities provide the opportunity to explore the local food culture and savor authentic Vietnamese dishes. Italian capital, Rome, is widely recognized as one of the best food destinations in the world. Rome's food culture is deeply rooted in its rich history, traditional recipes, and passion for fresh, high-quality ingredients.
the chicken meat production by country is shown in red and white, with an image of trucks
Chicken Meat Production by Country