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an outhouse in the woods is lit up at night
13 Outrageous Chicken Coop Designs
Stencoolt hönshus
a large chicken coop with several chickens in it
What makes a coop "Fort Knox" predator proof?
Hi everyone! Reading here, I see we all have predator issues, which vary greatly depending on...
a bunch of chickens that are standing in the grass
Så skaffar du höns i trädgården – steg för steg
Lantliv, höns
a blue and black bird standing in the grass
Birds, 3 - Dusky's Wonders
Guinea fowl, this is a vulturine, very hard to obtain Coolest bird ever!
the front page of a magazine with pictures of chickens and eggs
Knoxville News Sentinel artist Don Wood created this design for our Food & Home front today about the variety of colored eggs produced by different breeds of chickens. Wood drew each chicken by hand.
an outdoor chicken coop with two chickens in it and a red shed behind the fence
Coop De La Villes Chicken Coop
This is IT! Exactly what I want. Ohhhh Honey........Coop De La Ville's Chicken Coop - BackYard Chickens Community
a cat climbing up the side of a stair case in a room with tiled walls
Peck-O-Matic Chicken Feeder
Oh this is a SMART poop board! Vinyl flooring, gutter to catch roll-off (lol)
six eggs are arranged in a circle on a white counter top, one is brown and the other is beige
Olive Egger Chickens
Olive Egger is a cross bred bird - most often the result of a dark brown egg bird (like a Marans) crossed with a blue egg bird (such as an Ameraucana). The laying hens may not look like a distinctive breed, but their eggs will be olive green.
six chocolate eggs in an egg carton
French Black Copper Marans Eggs James Bond's favourite egg. I miss my Marans :-(
a snow covered yard with a toilet in the middle of it and an advertise on the wall
Делаем сами
Chicken coop door toilet seat and lid repurpose
a chicken nesting box with a bench and trash can
Our Chicken Coop Tour
Chicken roosting bars with a dropping board. Plus check out a tour of our chicken coop!
a black bird standing on top of a table next to a white wall and floor
Bantam Modern English Game - they remind me som much of tiny little dinosaurs
three black birds standing next to each other on a dirt road near flowers and bushes
Guinea fowl
guinea fowl- #PurelyPoultry