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a child is playing with colorful blocks on the ground
El otro día sacamos algunos materiales al exterior para jugar con la luz del sol. Los bloques de madera los hice hace mucho tiem...
the process for making an art project is shown in three different stages, including paint and wood
Bloques con ventanas de colores DIY – DIY colored window blocks - Montessori en Casa
Tutorial bloques con ventana Window blocks using colored plastic (sometimes one can find file folders or envelopes made with this plastic - or color the plastic from food packaging)
Tecken som stöd frukost 2
Tecken som stöd
Tecken som stöd frukost 2
four seasons tree cups are shown in three different colors and sizes, with the words four seasons tree cups below them
Four Seasons Tree Cups for Light Play
Draw a bare tree on one cup, leaves on another. - The four seasons light table play
someone is painting with colored ink in a bowl
Security Check Required
bubble mix and water colours on the light table - as seen by member Katelyn Moon in The Ultimate Light Table Guide Facebook group
some leaves that are on the window sill and one is being held by a pair of scissors
Autumn Leaves: A New Project
Reggio Emilia Project: Investigating Autumn Fall Leaves on the Light Panel
there is a white table with many different colored beads on it and a sign that says can you make a mandia?
Wonder-full Inquiry (Learning in Room 122)
Thinking and Learning in Room 122: Mandala art with loose parts
a white table topped with lots of jars filled with candy next to a wall mounted pegboard
Our Environment - AK | Activities For Children | Environment, Play At Home Mom, Supplies We Have On Hand
light table...yes please!