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an underground room with stone walls and benches in the center, lit by lights on either side
a dark tunnel with light at the end
a man standing on top of an ice covered ground next to a pool of water
a person standing in the middle of a large body of water with clouds above them
The Bolivian Salt Flats of Salar de Uyuni
the rock formations are all different shapes and sizes, but there is no one in them
The Cave Cities of Cappadocia
the hoodoos and cliffs are all different colors in this area, with trees growing out of them
Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park
people are swimming in the blue water at an ice covered pool that looks like it is melting
30 Places in the US You Should Visit in Your 20s
a man standing on top of a rock covered beach next to the ocean under a cloudy sky
32 Magical Photos of Ireland
the water is crystal clear and has many bubbles on it, with mountains in the background
50 Most Pinned Awe-Inspiring Travel Spots
an aerial view of the white cliffs and blue water in yellowstone national park, wyoming
Pamukkale, Turkey
an artistic rock formation in the water
Iceland: End