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an abstract painting with red and white colors
Another detail portion from the painting I'm working on. Love these reds! #wax #workinprogress #aliciatormey #artstudio #organicpainting #art #encaustic #fineart #painting #red
an eyeball with blood on the inside
Rough Rouge March 1, 2013
an abstract painting with red and black colors
Character Aesthetic, Bruh, Real, Bloody, Vampire
Fotografie, Fotografia, Fantasy, Dark Art
a woman is covered in mud while laying on the ground with her arms around her body
Fotos, Oc, Aes, Inspo, Rage, Aesthetic
Faith, Feelings, Preacher, Murdock, Priest, Enough Is Enough, Gods Love
Crystal Castles, Blood Art, The Secret History, Mood Board, Blood, Wattpad
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the floor is covered in blood and has words written on it that read take it easy, it'll be okay
a woman with blood on her chest holding a lollipop
a man laying in the water with his back turned to the camera and red light coming from behind him
Toshinori Yagi
Toshinori Yagi