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a white plate topped with rice and meat
Stekt ris på thaivis med ananas
Paprika-Feta Dip
Paprika Dip 🇩🇪Zutaten: 4 Spitzpaprika 1 Knolle Knoblauch 200g Feta 200g Frischkäse 3 El Olivenöl 2 El Honig Pfeffer Paprika Edelsüß Chiliflocken Petersilie paprika dip 🇬🇧Ingredients: 4 peppers 1 head of garlic 200g feta 200g cream cheese 3 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons honey pepper Sweet paprika chili flakes Parsely #paprikadip #pepperdip #aufstrich #paprikacreme #paprikarezepte #pepperrecipes #foodie #foodporn #foodstagram #healthyfood
an egg sits on top of noodles in a bowl next to a plate with chopsticks
Nasi goreng - Zeinas Kitchen
a plate with a pizza on it next to flowers and a vase filled with pink flowers
Jenny Strömstedt och Victoria Skoglunds tomatpaj!
there is a plate with food on it next to a bowl of salad and a fork
Feta i filodeg med kikärtssallad
a white plate topped with foil covered in vegetables and shrimp next to lemon wedges
Foliepaket med fisk, räkor och örtsmör
the fish is prepared and ready to be cooked on the grilling pan for consumption
Ugnsbakad lax med smör och vitlök - Zeinas Kitchen
a casserole dish with cheese and meat in it on a wooden table next to a serving utensil
Allt i en ugnsform – Krämig korvstroganoff- gratäng med ris
Allt i en ugnsform – Krämig korvstroganoff- gratäng med ris – Lindas Mathörna
a tray filled with potatoes and onions covered in cheese sauce, garnished with scallions
Smashed potatis - Recept från Foodgeekz
a stir fry with beef, broccoli and peppers
a blue bowl filled with lots of veggies next to a spoon on top of a table
Fräsch bönsallad - Zeinas Kitchen
Fräsch bönsallad - Zeinas Kitchen
a white plate topped with meat and veggies next to chopsticks
Godast bibimbap - Recept -
three tomato halves with cheese and herbs on them
Baked Parmesan Tomatoes
Baked Parmesan Tomatoes
three dishes with chopsticks and rice on a blue tablecloth next to bowls of food
Yakiniku på lövbiff
a white bowl filled with meat and vegetables next to chopsticks on a plate
Lövbiff teriyaki med pak choi och lime