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two men standing in front of paintings on the ground and one man is holding a paintbrush
Large wall art.
a man painting a wall with blue and green paint on it, while another man stands in the background
Japanese Artist Showcases "Boxing Painting" at Dorsky
This old guy is beautiful. Love the colour. Love the boldness.
four pieces of paper with trees and branches in them on a white surface, one has been cut open
a kind of regression
a man is painting on the wall with paint
Sasha Adler: Sweet Home Chicago
a piece of art that is hanging on the wall in front of a white wall
Silke Bonde
a man is running in an empty room with a large piece of artwork behind him
easily fixed wall art
a wooden table topped with lots of plates and bowls filled with food next to string lights
~mix match chairs~{love it or hate it}
the words 5 ways to bring your painting to the next level
5 Tips to Put Value To Work For You
a stack of magazines sitting next to a door
Ingenious use for those old unused cd racks you have bumming around the house. Use them to dry your paintings or other art projects on.
a room filled with lots of books on top of white shelving units next to each other
painting storage, for all painting sizes
a woman standing in front of a book shelf filled with books and art on it
Ken Done - The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.
Interview · Ken Done
the closet is filled with books and magazines
Canvas Storage Rack
an instagramted photo with clothes pins attached to it
From the Studio – Page 2 – Ellen Heck
Great print drying solution!
a room filled with lots of pots and pans
I LOVE the mix of traditional clay tools with combs, kitchen tools and other random items.
there is a rack with pictures on it
Art storage rack for painters- easy to build - WetCanvas: Online Living for Artists
Art Storage Rack. An ingenious artist fitted pegboard and wooden dowels into his rolling shelf unit for drying and storing his work. Each piece is visible, accessible and protected. What a great alternative to stacking, leaning or miles of bubble wrapping. Created by ArtistInMemphis, more info shown at
a wooden shelf with lots of paint tubes hanging from it's sides and the words 25 oil painting tips that you can't live without | Korsord & Sudoku i Alla Svårighetsgrader
smart storage