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Forget-me-not Painting Flower Original Art Impasto Oil Painting Small Flowers Wall Art 6x6 Impressionist Artwork Blue White - Etsy

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🌈 custom Forget-Me-Nots impasto oil painting
🌈 title: "Whispers of Forget-Me-Nots" 🎯 size H6 x W6 inches
🌈 original hand-painted fine art
🌈 materials: oil paints, panel, palette knife
🌈 shipping: high-quality protective packaging with tracking number
Whispers of Forget-Me-Nots 🌼💖
Introducing a delicate masterpiece that captures the essence of everlasting memories - the Forget-Me-Not Painting. Measuring 6x6 inches, this original artwork is a celebration of the enchanting beauty found in small, timeless blooms.
🌟 Immerse yourself in the ethereal world of Forget-Me-Nots, each delicate petal brought to life through the expressive strokes of impasto oil painting. This small yet powerful piece serves as a poetic reminder of cherished moments and enduring bonds.
The Whispers of Forget-Me-Nots invites you to explore the intricate details of each flower, their vibrant blue hues resonating with the emotion behind every brushstroke. The impasto technique adds a tactile quality, inviting you to feel the texture and depth of the painting.
Perfect for any space that craves a touch of sentimental elegance, this artwork is a visual poem to the enduring nature of memories. Whether displayed as a solo piece or part of a curated collection, Whispers of Forget-Me-Nots brings a sense of nostalgia and connection.
Let the delicate blooms of the Forget-Me-Not Painting whisper timeless tales and add a touch of sentimental charm to your space! 🌿🌼🖼️
⚡ I will create this painting upon your order, directly from my studio. The artwork in the photo has already found its owner. Your piece will be very similar in color and composition, but not identical.
⚡ A vibrant, textured painting would make a fantastic addition to your impasto oil painting collection. The texture and strokes can be appreciated in the close-up photos.
⚡ Original painting - crafted on a panel. Requires a decorative frame. The back side of the textured wall art features the author's signature.
❤️ Please note that the colors in the picture may vary, depending on your monitor settings.
🎯 This artwork is a bright, colorful impasto painting. I create truly vibrant colors and use harmoniously stunning textures.
🎯 My painting is done with oil on a panel, primarily using a palette knife and a large brush, resulting in thick application, bold strokes, painterly detail, and rich colors.
🎯 The palette knife gives my art a unique combination of contrast, fluidity, depth, texture, and impact. The amazing thickness achieved with the knife reflects the light more than a regular brush painting, providing a beautiful sense of movement with subtle highlights.
🌎 Shipping: high-quality protective packaging with a tracking number.
Flashes of inspiration come to guide the soul. My painting is my life!
Watercolor paintings, abstract paintings, impasto oil paintings, and pastel artworks each inspire and excite me in their own way.
And I want to share that with you!
🎓 Education:
1986 - 1992: Art School
1993 - 1999: Faculty of Architecture, State Technical University
Painting provides a path for me to express my emotions through a myriad of colors, textures, abstract shapes, and forms. I work periodically with various techniques and like to experiment with different materials. I frequently throw paint at my canvas and let my creativity go free. Through my art, I hope to move and inspire others, make them smile, and encourage them to pursue their own dreams.
The purpose of my work and this art movement is to help individuals connect with the universal flow of energy. My art serves as a doorway to this connection. I infuse the power of light with the spiritual energy I channel while creating. Everyone comes out a little different as a result.
🌎 My artwork is currently in many private collections around the world: the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand, China, Singapore, Lithuania.
Impasto is a technique used in painting where paint is laid on thick to give a painting texture and an almost 3D effect. It can be accomplished with mediums such as oil or acrylic. With the impasto painting technique, I apply paint thickly to the canvas, causing that brushstroke to stand out from the rest of the composition.
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