a person using a tile sticker on the floor in a bathroom with blue and white tiles
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Tile Sticker Kitchen, Bath, Floor, Wall Waterproof & Removable Peel N Stick: A78Q - Etsy

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SnazzyDecal offers you an easy and quick way to update your home without the mess of knocking off the wall. Orders are in the pack of 12pc, 24pc or 40pc available in various sizes to match your tiles. These are FLAT vinyl stickers though they appeared to be very three-dimensional for some designs and intentionally mimic a real tile. [ P R O D U C T D E T A I LS ] • Suitable for any Flat and Smooth surfaces: wall tile, floor tiles, ceramic, fireplace, glass, metal, painted wall, drywall, sealed wood, linoleum floor for kitchen, backsplash, bathroom, shower. • Made of premium quality self-adhesive vinyl (0.4mm) with UV protective print, laminated with top coating for extra durability and scratch resistant • WATER-RESISTANT thus suitable for shower and behind kitchen sink • REMOVABLE without mess, perfect for renters • 100% opaque and cover up • Can be trimmed to fit [ M E A S U R E M E N T ] Accurate measurement is very important. We recommend a flat rule instead of the retractable measuring tape. Stickers should not cover over grout-lines, irregular or curved edges to avoid peeling. We can customise to size with no extra charge. [ I N S T A L L A T I O N ] • Applying on FLOOR TILES https://youtu.be/d52FMJbZymo • Applying on WALL TILES https://youtu.be/6bvn3HPAMUc • Applying on Non-Tiled Surface with stickers printed with Faux-Grouts https://youtu.be/7EtS5S3X8Z0 [ F.A.Q and STORE RETURN POLICIES ] https://www.etsy.com/shop/Snazzydecal#policies [ ORDER A DIGITAL MOCK-UP OF YOUR SPACE ] Send us photo of your space and I will do a mock up photo to show you how the tile will look on your space, for a minimal fee, Please contact me. [ SHOP FOR MORE DESIGNS ] https://www.etsy.com/shop/SnazzyDecals?ref=hdr_shop_menu [ S A M P L E S ] Wall Tile Sample (4in to 8in) https://www.snazzydecal.com/product-page/samples-3pc-tile-sticker-samples Floor Tile sample (11in to 13in) https://www.etsy.com/sg-en/SnazzyDecal/listing/710331004/sample-1pc-floor-tile-sticker-choose? [ S H I P P I N G ] All shipment by Fedex International Priority Express 3-4days delivery time worldwide. [ M E D I A ] #SnazzyDecal https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sticker-Tiles-Shop/240946359413083 Note: Photos are for illustration purpose only. Due to differences in individual computer color setting, actual color may be different than picture, however we have tried our very best to present the unaltered photo.
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